Downtown desserts reduced to crumbs, Saugatuck Sweets offers solace


Faces dimmed and diets became healthier as three downtown dessert places closed this summer. For Staples students, Michele’s Pies, Crumbs and Pinkberry were among the most popular targets for a Friday night snack or occasional crave.

“Those were my favorite places in town. I’m not sure where to go now,” Kee Busk ’16 said.

Yet Crumb’s large corporate shutdown, Pinkberry’s lack of business and Michele’s Pies location change left students wondering who their new town culprit would be.

But now, a sweet tooth will swiftly lead them to Saugatuck Sweets.

From cookie dough milkshakes to gargantuan cakes and masses of candy, this place is heaven for any dessert-lover. It includes 100 different bulk candy items, 16 flavors of hard ice cream, “Saugatuck Sandwiches” and many other specialty desserts.

“It’s different from other places in Westport because it’s super creamy and has the perfect consistency,” Annie Haroun ’16 said.

This new candy shop has been open for just four months and is already becoming a go-to location for students.

“Everyone goes there now. Sunny Daes, Carvel and other average spots are places of the past,” Andrew Van Riper ’16 said.

With live bands performing most Friday and Saturday nights, the evolving Saugatuck area is sure to be a hot-spot for not only students but everyone. The area features paddle-boarding central Down Under, Garelick and Herbs and Dunkin Donuts.

Though many students will miss the downtown desserts, Saugatuck Sweets’ peak is yet to come.