Apple update iOS9 stirs mixed student reactions

When 1 p.m. struck on Wednesday, Sept. 16, some students scrambled to plug in their iPhones to install the iOS9 update.

Some of the most notable changes according to students are the backwards option on apps, a different format for closing apps and a longer battery life.

“My favorite part of the update is if you are in one app and you get a notification, you can click on a back button in the corner of the screen to go to the previous app,” Gabby Perry ’16 said.

Other students, such as Taylor Rochlin ’18, are impressed with the new speed of their phones. “I really like how when you quit your apps they are arranged in a more narrow way, so it’s a lot quicker to exit them.”

“I think the best change is that it has longer battery life,” Tia Zajec ’17 said. “Now you don’t have to find chargers as frequently to keep your phone alive.”

More subtle changes students noted were the font change from Helvetica to San Francisco, an improved Siri and the elimination of the “Newsstand” folder.

However, not all Staples students were impressed with the changes, and some didn’t even bother installing it. “I didn’t really see a need to get the update,” Jerrett Rende ’17 said. “My phone works fine now, so why go through the extra work to update to something that will probably be similar?”

Some students decided not to download it due to rumors they heard of it having glitches. “My dad told me not to download it because it was messing everyone’s phones up and that wasn’t worth it,” Justine Shikowitz ’17 explained. “I just didn’t want to risk having problems just because of an update.”

However, the students who downloaded the update admitted that they are happier with the changes that it has made for their phones. “I think it’s a really good update with a lot of awesome changes,” Perry ’16 said. “I would definitely recommend other people to get it.”