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On a brand new episode of ‘This is a Wreckording’, Ethan Frank ’20 and Principal Thomas discuss distance learning through the first few weeks of quarantine, what could happen in the next few weeks, and some talk about last weeks NFL Draft.
April 27, 2020

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A new “Like” on Facebook

A new “Like” on Facebook
February 29, 2016

Facebook has recently added a new feature that allows users to share what they really think on a post. In the past, Facebook Friends have had the ability to only like a post but now, Mark Zuckerberg is...

New and improved emojis released by Apple

Some of the new emojis include foods such as a burito and popcorn
October 28, 2015

Apple’s done it yet again. A new array of emojis have just been released with iPhone’s iOS 9.1 update and it’s all the hype here at Staples. “It's really exciting because there are so many...

Apple update iOS9 stirs mixed student reactions

Apple update iOS9 stirs mixed student reactions
September 20, 2015

When 1 p.m. struck on Wednesday, Sept. 16, some students scrambled to plug in their iPhones to install the iOS9 update. Some of the most notable changes according to students are the backwards option...

Snapchat update catches the attention of students

Staples High School
September 16, 2015

On Tuesday, Sept. 15 the social media app Snapchat released an unexpected update that captured the attention of Staples students of every class. Laughter echoed throughout the library, hallways and...

Snapchat update snatches away best friends

Snapchat update snatches away best friends
February 2, 2015

Jan. 27 marked a day of horror for many avid Snapchatters. The app update brought about an unwelcome and unforeseen change—the disappearance of the infamous “Best Friends” list. This list, updated...

Snapchat is sending me over the edge

Snapchat is sending me over the edge
January 29, 2015

In the good old days, we kids used to snapchat each other silly selfies or embarrassing pictures of our friends from across the cafeteria. That was the golden age - we snapped and chatted without a care...

Students debate value of iOS 8

Students debate value of iOS 8
September 29, 2014

Apple's newest operating system, iOS 8, was released on Sept. 17, inciting excitement and curiosity among students. This update brought new features to the iPhone, such as the quick-text addition to...

An iPhone of epic proportions

An iPhone of epic proportions
September 7, 2014

It’s been quiet lately . . . a little too quiet. There hasn’t been a new iPhone model release since the iPhone 5C last September. However, it looks like Apple is continuing its annual update tradition. Come...

Soccer Update: Staples vs. Brien McMahon

September 24, 2008

Jack Hennessy '10 Staff Writer The Staples Boys Varsity Soccer team improved to 4-0 as they defeated Brien McMahon 1-0 at Home last Thursday in the still premature season. Led by coach Dan Woog, Staples...

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