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Teenagers copy celebrities and their advice, losing their sense of self. Many youths have replicated Hailey Beiber’s glossy brown lips she coined as brownie glazed along with her ‘clean girl’ trend, both of which have been criticized for taking credit for Latina and Black women beauty practices.

Celebrities excessively command consciousness of community; take heed

Samantha Sandrew ’25, Web Features Editor December 5, 2022

The glamor, glory and wonder of celebrity lives have led some people to go wild. From stealing their clothes--like in the Bling Ring--to stealing their style, the famous few certainly have an impact on...

“Red (Taylor’s Version)” features 30 songs; 22 original, seven vaulted and one extended cut of a fan favorite.

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ impresses fans and introduces a new sound, new tracks.

Tori Wilson ’22, Paper Sports Editor November 23, 2021

Taylor Swift released “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on Nov. 11 and it did not disappoint fans. The album contains the original 22 “Red” tracks, along with seven vaulted songs and a 10 minute version...

Ginny and Georgia premiered on Netflix in late February, but since then they have faced immense backlash for a line mentioning Taylor Swift’s dating life.

‘Ginny and Georgia’ controversy is misplaced, misunderstood

Katie Simons ’22, Paper Arts Editor March 9, 2021

I love Taylor Swift. She was my most listened to artist of 2020, and I’ve seen her documentary, “Miss Americana,” more times than I can count. Just three months ago I wrote a rave review of her album,...

Taylor Swift dropped her surprise album “evermore” on Dec. 11, not posting about it until the morning before. It is the sister album to “folklore,” which she released in July.

Incandescent, unified lyricism on ‘evermore’ creates enchanting masterpiece

Katie Simons ’22, Paper Arts Editor December 22, 2020

Do you remember the feeling of comfort when your parents read a storybook to you?  Do you recall the dwindling sparkle of the holiday lights around a room while you watch a movie? Can you recollect the...

With the release of her new Netflix documentary “Miss Americana,” Taylor Swift gives fans the inside scoop on journey over the past few years since the release of her album “Reputation.”

Taylor Swift shows fans a new relatable side in “Miss Americana”

Reilly Caldwell '20, Paper Features Editor March 11, 2020

For the last few months leading up to the release of Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana,” I was contemplating whether I really wanted to see it or not. While I would say I listen...

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Taylor Swift’s, ME! is like any typical “feel good” song

Carolyn Gray '19 May 20, 2019

Taylor Swift dropped a new single on April 25, 2019 titled, “ME!”, featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. The anthem has an upbeat, Disney-like, bubblegum pink flavor, featuring bright and...

Taylor Swift’s political outspokenness is a step in the right direction

Taylor Swift’s political outspokenness is a step in the right direction

Maddie Phelps '19, Web Managing Editor October 12, 2018

    I’m eight years old in the back seat of my mom’s SUV, jamming out to “Love Story” by Taylor Swift like it’s no one’s business. Her lyrics could not be less applicable to...

End Game music video lacks substance

End Game music video lacks substance

January 20, 2018

By Erin Lynch '18 Taylor Swift has now made a full return back into the music industry after her two year hiatus. In just the past few months, she has released an album and three music videos. End Game,...

Taylor Swift’s ‘Gorgeous’ succeeds in merging past styles and new themes

Taylor Swift’s ‘Gorgeous’ succeeds in merging past styles and new themes

November 3, 2017

By Audrey Bernstein ’20 When Taylor Swift announced a new album after a two year absence from the public eye in August, the media was thrown into a frenzy, attempting to predict her new sound. As...

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