Celebrities excessively command consciousness of community; take heed


Photo by Samantha Sandrew ’25

Teenagers copy celebrities and their advice, losing their sense of self. Many youths have replicated Hailey Beiber’s glossy brown lips she coined as brownie glazed along with her ‘clean girl’ trend, both of which have been criticized for taking credit for Latina and Black women beauty practices.

The glamor, glory and wonder of celebrity lives have led some people to go wild. From stealing their clothes–like in the Bling Ring–to stealing their style, the famous few certainly have an impact on some. While, I occasionally take inspiration to make my own model off-duty look, being too invested in celebrities’ beliefs takes focus away from developing oneself, resulting in a lack of originality and critical thinking. 

Hailey Bieber has coined the ‘clean girl trend’ with glossy lips and slicked back hair. This style has overtaken youth everywhere on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. But only a few short seasons ago, a similar phenomenon was seen when Kendell Jenner wore the green sunny dress, sparking a wave of people buying the outfit. Thus, when everybody has it, when Kendall Jenner stops wearing it, it loses its spark, it loses its originality and it loses its interest. I myself am guilty of taking inspiration from celebs but directly copying them, following along with every popular trend, shows that one has no sense of self or creativity. 

Celebs with their positives, should be consumed in moderation, keeping in mind that they are simply human too.

— Samantha Sandrew

This impact becomes even more dangerous when famous figures share their political views. Artists and actors are not the most educated people on political issues, yet people may blindly listen to their opinion because they are already in the public eye. Celebrities are artists, actors, models, and fashionistas and are masters of it, hence the reason they’re famous. They are definitely not political experts and should not have the platform to publicize their opinion because of what they do. 

 The Whitman Insight Strategies, an organization that studies motivating factors in elections, concluded that 12 percent of voters reported that an entertainer or athlete influenced their thinking regarding the 2020 election. 

Celebrities also provide fun and entertainment. Taylor Swift and comedians like Kevin Hart can provide a smile and laugh in one’s life. They can bring joy to people’s day and inspire friendships over shared interests. Celebs with their positives, should be consumed in moderation, keeping in mind that they are simply human too.