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Alex Mussomeli ’23 plans to continue exploring, adding and researching for his language after the internship ends.

The Language Architect: Alex Mussomeli embraces challenges to develop new language

Talia Varsano ’24, Paper Managing Editor June 2, 2023

“Ciao,” “hola,” “bonjour” and “guten Tag;” these words carry familiar echoes of human connection and interaction across diverse ranges of cultures and countries. Many speak their familiar...

An artificial intelligence robot named ChatGPT was created by OpenAI and released in November 2022. Students and teachers have debated how and when to use the tool for academics as its popularity rises.

ChatGPT dominates school debate; helping or hurting?

Talia Varsano , Paper Arts Editor March 21, 2023

Chat GPT’s popularity continues to exponentially grow as students uncover its abilities. In fact, according to Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, ChatGPT had more than 1 million users in its first five days...

The app forest available for download on iOS, iPadOS and Android helps build motivation and gives back to the environment.

Forest app maximizes productivity, gives back to the environment

Talia Varsano ’24 and Paige Miller ’24 October 17, 2022

You’re sitting at your desk on a Tuesday night with an abundance of homework ahead of you. As you’re about to pull out your algebra homework, a notification from Tik Tok lights up your phone.  Why...

Kaya Law ’24 runs Anya Nair’s ’24 Educate the Elementary club stand. This club had over five pages of students eager to sign up.

Involvement Fair promotes new Staples clubs, increases involvement

Paige Miller ’24 and Talia Varsano ’24, Paper News Editor and Paper Arts Editor September 23, 2022

Students rush towards the cafeteria, eager to get to lunch. On two special September days, they are not excited for pasta, sushi or a custom sandwich. Instead, they submerge themselves into an area filled...

Tessa Cassell ’24 consistently checks to see if her favorite show “Friends” has returned to Netflix. After viewing it for the last time in 2019, she turns to cable television to occasionally watch replays of randomly selected episodes, realizing that the app isn’t as worth it.

Netflix’s recent adjustments outrage users

Talia Varsano , Arts Paper Editor June 8, 2022

It’s finally Friday night and after a day full of long classes, sports games and driving around, you and your closest group of friends pile onto the couch, scramble for the remote and finally are greeted...

Madison Mayr ’24 (second row furthest to the left) is excited for this years upcoming lacrosse season and doesn’t mind playing the sport she loves over school breaks.

April break prompts discussion over spring sports schedule

Talia Varsano '24, Paper Art Editor March 15, 2022

With the school year in its final few months, students are feeling drained and exhausted. Increased workload, high pressure regarding grades and standardized testing are all factors contributing to the...

Students debate if they should be notified about snow days. Many believe that an email sent to students would be the most efficient and simplest way.

Numerous snow days prompt debate over school cancellation notifications

Talia Varsano '24, Paper Art Editor February 16, 2022

There is nothing better than waking up and opening your curtains to reveal an all white landscape–freshly fallen snow coating the grass and trees. Your mind races with excitement and leaves you with...

Goldman (left) dressed up for the Michigan Vs. Ohio State rivalry football game.

Former Inklings editor Lys Goldman excels at University of Michigan

Talia Varsano ’24, Staff Writer January 10, 2022

An ordinary winter day in January 2021 quickly shifted to be life-changing for past Inklings paper managing editor Lys Goldman ’21. All of the hard work and preparation spent throughout high school became...

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