April break prompts discussion over spring sports schedule


Photos contributed by Madison Mayr '24

Madison Mayr ’24 (second row furthest to the left) is excited for this year’s upcoming lacrosse season and doesn’t mind playing the sport she loves over school breaks.

With the school year in its final few months, students are feeling drained and exhausted. Increased workload, high pressure regarding grades and standardized testing are all factors contributing to the stress overload of students. 

With spring just around the corner, the anticipation for April break grows larger by the second. The idea of sleeping in, sunny weather and relaxation excites many and provides students with something to look forward to, allowing for increased motivation. Staples athletes, however, don’t get the chance to flee Westport, or change up their usual schedule for a week, because they are all needed on the field. 

Nate Barrett ’24 recognizes the importance behind getting a full break, resting and traveling to tan under the sun; however, he also knows his role on the baseball team and accepts that he cannot ever experience the full break.

“I would really enjoy going away for a week and having some time out of Westport and baseball,” Barrett said. “At the same time, sports are a serious commitment and although it can be frustrating, I think it’s fair for a coach to encourage their players to stay active, especially during break – whether it’s through individual conditioning, team practices or games.” 

Similar to Barrett, Ben Seidman ’23 would jump at any rugby opportunity over break if scheduled, as he knows what it takes to be a dedicated member of a sports team. 

“Although typically school break is usually rugby break, if we have a game over break then I will be here for it,” Seidman said. “I know that I’m going to visit some schools over April break but I am coming home early for a game I have and I definitely wouldn’t miss it.” 

Madison Mayr ’24, a defensive lacrosse player, has always loved playing sports. She is eager to participate in any opportunity to be athletically involved with no complaints, yet she also understands how it can be frustrating to not get much of a break. 

“Personally, I love lacrosse, so having it over break doesn’t bother me,” Mayr said. “Over the break we usually do a lot of team bonding and that makes it so much more fun. However, my whole family does leave for Florida to see my grandparents which I do wish I could go to as well.”

Mayr looks forward to breaks, even with lacrosse, because she still feels she has time to rest, relax and recover for the next upcoming school week. 

“Despite not being able to go to Florida, I still and will always love my April break,” Mayr said. “I practice lacrosse a lot, but I also value the need to do things I enjoy and take time to reset […] everyone needs to.”