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Entering 2024, students are now able to participate in the digital SAT which provides many advantages and new opportunities, in contrast to the paper SAT that was previously given. (Graphic from Wikimedia)

Digital SAT unleashes new advantages, monumental for the future of testing

Siena Petrosinelli ’25, Paper Arts Editor March 1, 2024

Why take the Digital SAT? The real question is: Why not? Since the SAT has been changed from paper to an online computerized version, I believe this has opened up extremely exciting new opportunities that...

Seniors offer advice on special classes, teachers

After Roe V. Wade was overturned in 2022, it left abortions to be state regulated. Many states including Texas should never have ownership in deciding if a woman should be allowed to get an abortion.

Seeking abortions should not be unachievable, detrimental to women

Siena Petrosinelli ’25, Paper Arts Editor March 28, 2023

After a Texan woman discovered she had an unwanted pregnancy, she turned to her friends for help. Living in Texas, the woman was left without access to safe abortions. Her friends sent her options and...

Staples Football charges five dollars for all Staples students and spectators to be permitted into their football games

Staples students shouldn’t have to purchase football tickets

Siena Petrosinelli ’25, Paper Arts Editor September 22, 2022

Friday night football games are a notorious part of a Staples High School career. The crowd is filled with supporters and students that come to cheer on the team. However, I think that students shouldn’t...

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