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Protestors gathered in front of Staples across the street from the main entrance. Cars honked to show their support towards the movement.

BREAKING NEWS: Students and Westport residents gather in front of Staples and Bedford to peacefully protest against racism

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor February 28, 2024

A crowd of varied students, parents and Westport residents gathered in front of Staples High School and Bedford Middle School on Feb. 27 to peacefully protest against accusations of racism at Westport...

Many students have turned to ChatGPT to complete their writing assignments, but this deprives them of the ability to hone their critical thinking and analysis skills.

Even with so many AI programs present, being a good writer still matters

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor February 8, 2024

Artificial intelligence has proved itself to be extremely useful in our daily lives, and has seen immense commercial success. From being used in healthcare all the way to customer service, the capabilities...

Last year, the boys’ cross-country team reenacted one of the most famous scenes from the movie “The Lion King”, bringing out school spirit from their audience. This was definitely a memorable act for me and I laughed a ton after hearing “The Circle of Life” blasting out from the speakers.

Pep rally has been postponed so many times; is it still worth it to have one?

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor November 14, 2023

With the amount of times the pep rally has been rescheduled in the past few weeks, I can only hope that it will happen before we leave for Christmas break. The weather seems to be against school spirit,...

Officer Ed Wooldridge expressed full confidence in the decision to approve three new officers for the school district. “I think that these new officers will make the schools safer, 100%,” Wooldridge said.

Westport steps up security measures for public schools

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor October 7, 2023

It’s a new school year, and it’s been going smoothly. You’ve settled into your classes, found which lunch waves line up with your friends’ schedules and it feels like nothing can go wrong. That...

Mischa Nasution ’26 is feeling extra cold due to the uncomfortable temperatures of the Mandarin classroom. Throughout the school in different classrooms, the air conditioning is extreme, leading to many students feeling unnecessarily chilly and even interfering with focus in the classroom.

Battling Staples classroom climate chaos

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor October 4, 2023

It’s that time of year again. It’s that time of year when summer slowly transforms into fall, the temperature is beginning to drop and you gradually start to wear more layers… except that the cold...

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