Tensions between small, big businesses need to be solved


The biggest reason that small businesses fail is that there is no need for the items that the small businesses are selling. In 2020, around 20%of small businesses failed within the first year, and after five years, 50%failed. https://www.lendingtree.com/business/small/failure-rate/

You may utilize, own products by and often shop from large businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google, but what most people fail to understand is how hurtful these companies are to the success of smaller businesses. 

There is no simple way to define a “big business” but you could think about it like this: they are usually businesses that outshine all of their competitors, doing this by essentially controlling goods and trade until they become the biggest and most reliable source that people will want to do business with.The way that larger businesses conduct themselves needs to  change, as they effectively control their respective region, pushing out the competition; whether it is clothing, food or tech. No single company should be so strong that they don’t need to worry that much about competitors. 

Most of these large businesses use tactics that smaller, more novice companies can’t afford to do (like lowering prices, or introducing new goods, that potential competitors can’t afford to do). According to Investpopedia.com, small businesses also have to deal with financial hurdles, bad management, bad overall planning, and inadequate marketing. There are relatively easy ways to even out the playing field. The most effective way to counter the spread of these large businesses is to shop at local, small stores. Another is to stop buying goods just for their low price alone, but for their quality. It may surprise you, but that one thing that you are looking for on Amazon may already be available on a smaller website. 

Despite this, it is understandable that  some businesses nowadays are essential in society today. However,  we, as a community, need to put our best foot forward to help the little guys.