High schoolers’ need for snow days increases due to pandemic


Photo by Rebbeca Kanfer '21

Westport received close to 8-10 inches of snow throughout Wednesday, the 16th, to Thursday the 17th.

As an elementary schooler, the most exciting news you could receive was that snow was coming down hard and the potential of a snow day would be likely. I would even wear my pajamas inside out, flush ice cubes down my toilet and sleep with a spoon under my pillow just to increase my chances. The next morning when my street was quiet and I saw snow still piling on the ground, I knew that the day would be filled with sledding, hot chocolate and movies. 

However, this year’s online learning capabilities makes snow days less of a requirement and more of an option.  Even Superintendent Thomas Scarice has declared that we will only be entitled to three snow days before he implements required remote-learning days.

But there really should not be any restrictions placed on snow days, as students now more than ever are in  need of the relief that true snow days provide. 

The continuation of using snow days as we would in regular years allows for high school students to truly take a day to relax and, for once, be a kid. According to the New York Times, for New York City public schools, some parents personally declared last Thursday as a snow day. With this pandemic already depriving kids of all ages from the typical school-year antics and celebrations, the least a school system can do is give their students the relief that is encompassed within a classic snow day. 

Some argue that the pandemic has already taken away so much valuable learning time for students everywhere and because schools now have the resources to transfer to remote learning on a snow day, these days of learning should not be wasted. 

Although we do have online learning capabilities, snow days for teenagers are valued more than just a day of no school.

Although we do have online learning capabilities, snow days for teenagers are valued more than just a day of no school. Snow days allow for teenagers to mentally shift from the constant anxiety and pressure coming from assignments and tests and, in turn, allows for them to find solace for a day in sledding and snowball fights. 

For high schoolers, the slim amount of  snow days we receive allow for a short break in the chaotic weeks of high school during a pandemic. Last Thursday, when my mom told me that they called a snow day, my excitement took me back to my elementary school self. I fell asleep eager to enjoy what the following day would bring and, sadly, cherishing this feeling knowing that it may be one of the last.