Snow draws locals to beloved winter locations


By: Molly Mahoney ’18

With its howling wind, below freezing temperatures, boatloads of snow and looming threats of black ice, winter is a trying time for many. Westporters, however, have learned to embrace of the chilly months rather than resent them. Ice skaters, snowball fighters and sledders are drawn to a few top notch spots year after year to make the most of the winter days.

Nash Pond
Off a small road near Earthplace and bordered by houses on all sides, Nash Pond is the signature feature of waterfront residents’ homes. Jasper Fowle ’18, one such resident, said “The pond is perfect because we can use it year-round for skating, swimming, and boating.” The Fowles’ bonfires and other get-togethers allow guests to discover the hidden gem and spend quality time with friends and family. Christopher Puchala ’18, a friend of Fowle, said “When frozen, the pond on Woodside Avenue is perfect for playing ice hockey. Although I’m not the best at the sport, I still enjoy sliding and taking out my friends as they try to skate past me.”

Winslow Park
Winslow Park, a dog walker’s paradise no matter the season, attracts a new, largely younger crowd when snow blankets the ground. Two tall and wide hills border the main path of the park. Onlookers relax at picnic benches or lean on a fence to chat while those seeking an adrenaline rush speed down slopes on either side. Further down the dog walking path, nestled behind a few leafless trees, a third sledding gem is hidden. This one, narrower but slightly steeper than the others, tapers off into an icy trail, along which a few sledders will skid if they have the right run. Zarah Ahmad ’17, a frequent visitor to the park, said “The hills at Winslow are awesome. They’re very steep so you can go really fast, and I always have fun when I go there with my friends.” The welcoming environment draws many Westporters back year after year. “Sledding at Winslow has always been a childhood favorite memory for me. It was always fun coming with friends and looking forward to when it snowed,” Christian Montgomery ’18 said.

Westport PAL Rink at Longshore
As fall leaves the air, Longshore tennis courts are closed and converted to one of the busiest and best known spots to get into the winter mood: the outdoor Westport PAL Rink at Longshore. “It’s cool to see so many people that I know from around Westport coming in and enjoying skating at the rink,” Jamie Lamb ’18, who works at Longshore, said. The rink provides a toasty tent where customers can leave their shoes and other belongings, purchase admission tickets and rent skates before stepping onto the ice. Adults can get on the ice for $11 while children skate for $8. All skate rentals cost $5. While the rink is usually opened to all, be sure to check online in case of closings for Staples ice hockey or private parties. Angus Fuori ’17, a hockey player, said “Skating outdoors at Longshore always has a really nice feel to it.” Afterwards, feel free to warm up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate or other foods and beverages at Joey’s by the Shore, located in the heated tent.