New A and B day schedule brings timely routine to students during online school


Izzy Sareen '22

The Saturn app has been re-programmed to show the new A and B day schedules for students during this period of online schooling. Kids will have school from 8:30am-12:15pm everyday, with homework from their teachers to complete after those hours.

As unprecedented times come upon us, Staples High School has stepped up to the plate to create an efficient and easy way for students to complete their schoolwork online.

During the past month, Staples has gone through many rounds of trial and error to find a way for nearly 2000 students to effectively complete their schoolwork while being at home.

For the first two weeks of distance learning, Staples had teachers post all of the schoolwork due for the week onto Schoology, so that students could plan and organize on their own. However, this was not the most effective way of going about things.

I noticed it was difficult to figure out when everything was due and what I had to do each day because I was bombarded with over 20 Schoology posts a day for my classes. I had a difficult time organizing my planner, so I wound up trying to get things done that weren’t even due for a week.

After the school realized this method was ineffective, they developed the new A and B day schedule, where periods one through four are on A days, and periods five through eight are on B days. This schedule has proven itself to be effective due to its ability to keep students on track and organized in each of their eight classes.

With the new schedule, teachers solely post the assignments due that day at the end of their 50-minute periods, and leave it to students to complete that work on their own. Some teachers even post a link to a virtual class on Google Hangouts, giving students the opportunity to ask for help at any time during the course of their class period.

The new schedule has given students an easy daily routine to follow, which makes it hard to get confused about what work is due, and when it is due. If students keep to the schedule, it is easy to stay on track and follow the deadlines for each assignment, rather than having to sort through a huge amount of schoology posts each day.