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The Saturn app has been re-programmed to show the new A and B day schedules for students during this period of online schooling. Kids will have school from 8:30am-12:15pm everyday, with homework from their teachers to complete after those hours.

New A and B day schedule brings timely routine to students during online school

Izzy Sareen '22, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

As unprecedented times come upon us, Staples High School has stepped up to the plate to create an efficient and easy way for students to complete their schoolwork online. During the past month, Staples...

The new online learning schedule consists of two alternating days, an A day and a B day. Both days begin at 8:30 and end at 12:15.

New online learning schedule has potential to be beneficial

Tierney Kugel '22, Arts Editor April 2, 2020

As new status updates about school closing come out, teachers and staff are attempting to create a productive and structured plan for distance learning. As of Mar. 25, a new online learning schedule has...

A staples student inputs their classes into a digital schedule. Students in the Staples community will benefit from not receiving teachers names or periods on their schedules because it will reduce unnecessary stress.

New schedule determination quells anxiety and chaos

Emma Dantas '21 February 5, 2019

After cracking her knuckles and sitting down with her daughter’s schedule in front of her, she frantically types the names of next year’s teachers into While reading reports on the...

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