Navigating the not-so-random roommate process


As May 1st settled in, each and every college bound senior knows just where they’re going. The stress of the college process is over, but people tend to forget that along with finding just where they’ll be living next year, they have to find who they’re living with.

Now, no need to stress about just how you’ll find your roommate because just as there’s, Eharmony and OkCupid, there’s RoomSurf to ease your roommate troubles.

With a quick simple survey and entering in your college, RoomSurf gives you a compatibility percentage with each of your future classmates.

However, the survey doesn’t account for whether you’re a diehard Yankees fan and your future roommate lives and dies for the Red Sox. It simply doesn’t account for if they’re going to find  your new-found bff.

Thus, Staples students have found different routes on how to find their future roommate.

Senior boys and especially senior girls are scouring the facebook groups of their prospective college in hopes of finding their new bff that shops at the same stores, loves the same things and maybe even share shoe sizes.

A little secret that most people don’t tell you is that it’s okay to not be bffs with your roommate.

College is a time to learn something new about yourself: how you cope with others, how to make compromises and how to find similarities in people so different from yourself.

Now the idea of going random when it comes to rooming may be daunting, but why rule out a tradition that has been around for decades? Maybe you won’t be best friends with your roommate, but you might just learn a few life lessons.

Test the odds with your roommate and just maybe you’ll find a life long friend.