Wearing uniforms would be better


Rarely, if ever, does a morning go smoothly for me. I either try on a million outfits only to realize none of them look good, or I have a cute outfit all planned out and I dribble toothpaste down my shirt and have to completely start over from scratch. To me, picking out outfits seemed like nothing but a colossal waste of time.  

Now here’s what we do not realize. According to Daily Mail, the average woman spends five months of her life picking out clothes. So basically, I waste two summers trying to figure out which shirt looks best with my black jeans. A solution to this waste of time is school uniforms. They would drastically cut down the amount of time spent getting ready every morning, the thirty minutes we usually spend aimlessly staring at our clothes can now be spent sleeping or actually eating breakfast.

It is not easy picking out clothes everyday; it is hard for some people to find an outfit they feel confident in. I wear something I think is approval worthy and constantly fish around all day for a compliment that never comes. Eventually, I come to the conclusion that it must have been because I looked terrible. With uniforms in place no one has to feel self conscious about the clothes they are wearing, because in reality if someone is making fun of your outfit, they are making fun of theirs too.

Almost every high school student’s goal is to fit in, make friends and receive approval from their peers. The kids who come to school with the designer jeans or latest shoes seem to rise to the top. Students are being judged based on their appearance before people even get to know them. We’ve all done it, seen someone in the hallway who is wearing something that is slightly out of the box, then we give our friend that common, well understood glance, that silently, but not so subtly, expresses the fact that the two of you do not approve of what that person was wearing. It happens everyday, but uniforms provide a simple solution.

I propose that school uniforms would help to make things easier for everyone. The amount of extra time students could spend sleeping or doing something they enjoy is tremendous. But most importantly, it would put everyone on a level playing field, students would no longer be judged based on clothing choices.

And hey, you would never have to worry about re-wearing an outfit too soon, because you would all be wearing the same thing everyday!