Winter’s wacky weather leaves students questioning what to wear


This winter’s unprecedented weather patterns have brought Staples students the common problem of deciding what to wear to school. Ranging from sunny and clear blue skies to groggy and brisk days the Wreckers are at an all time high regarding confusion on their outfit choices.

Connor Teran ’17, a member of the Staples track team always prepares for the worst, but believes the worst is yet to come.

“For track practice I always pack a pair of tights and a jacket. But I’ve yet to actually wear them. Once there’s a sudden snowstorm in the middle of the day, I’ll be prepared while everyone else is cold,” Teran said.

For Sophia Stanley ’16, the capricious weather patterns have left her struggling to arrive on time to class, simply because she has trouble deciding what to wear.

“I’ve had to change my entire schedule as a result of this weather. I now have to wake up 15 minutes earlier, just to pick out my outfit. I will go outside to see what it feels like, then dress according to that. Even waking up earlier I still find myself arriving to school a couple minutes late,” Stanley said.

However for other students, the obscure weather forecasts have had no impact on their outfit choices.

Matthew Garber ’18 has always worn shorts in the winter. Whether it be a blizzard or a hailstorm, Garber can be seen sporting a pair of athletic shorts.

“This winter’s weather has been no exception for my dress attire. Even if it was below freezing outside, I would still be wearing shorts to school,” Garber said.

With this winter’s wild and wacky weather, Staples students are stuck juggling the idea of which clothes to wear. Having not seen snow since October, deciding what clothes to wear to school may be a daunting task for some.