The Sophomore Section… Does it even exist?


Freshman year is when students are thrust into the world of high school, learning how to fend on their own. Junior year is when the college propaganda kicks in. Senior year is when students finally become top dogs and get ready for their future. All of these are always talked about and remembered, except for one, sophomore year. Also known as the forgotten year.


Sophomore year I think is always forgotten because it is the awkward gap between figuring high school out and figuring College out. It is a year that is not given a lot of attention because it serves no major purpose. Being a sophomore I find this to be very untrue. I find that this is the year that once a person has figured out their place in the school, they are able to have a grace period before the stress of junior year kicks in.


The problem though, with most people forgetting about sophomores, is that they have no designated seating section in the Cafeteria.


The freshman, whose designated area by the doors in known as the “Freshman Ghetto.” The juniors have a good third of the cafeteria reserved. Then the seniors have more than half of the entire cafeteria, known as the “senior section.” All of these designated areas are an unspoken rule of the cafeteria etiquette. I bring up the point again, what about the sophomores?


Being a sophomore means you are not the little fish in the big pond anymore. Sophomores know who the queen bees are (seniors) and they are also able to recognize where they belong. So why is it that if sophomores have this understanding of school, how come they are not given a designated section?


Technically I am allowed to sit anywhere in the cafeteria but its feels uncomfortable in most places. I tend to sit toward the middle of the junior/freshman section but, those table ares are usually taken up by either of the Juniors or Freshman.


A way I can see this being solved is that with all the empty tables in the senior section, some Juniors should start sitting there. Then, the Sophomores would be able to have an actual area for them to sit in and not feel awkward.


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