Wearing white after labor day… It’s ok!

I am sick and tired of hearing over and over again from everyone in the world that it is unacceptable to wear white after Labor Day.


Newsflash: It really is fine.


I ask myself now why is it that social norms say we can not wear white after this very specific day? To tell the truth I think it was an old lady a hundred years ago who hated the look of white on her and decided that it should only be allowed for three months of the year.


According to Mental Floss it was after the Civil War that a bunch of rich wives were sitting around and dictating when clothing were to be worn. It was because white was for the summer events and it simply could not be allowed during other times of the year. I prefer to believe Brigette Raes, who came to the conclusion that it was because of temperature reasons.


I get that black attracts more heat and keeps a person warmer, but isn’t it their choice about how to dress? I don’t get why people endlessly harass others just for wearing white. For me that is the equivalent of telling someone don’t read a book because it’s not your personal taste. So…what? Let people dress the way they want to dress and tell others to mind their own business.


After wearing white all summer and being extremely pale and white being one of the only colors that doesn’t make me look flushed, I like wearing white after Labor Day.


Isabel Offir ’18, who is her own fashion advocate, said, “I don’t think that it is that big of deal. I feel like when people call others out on it though it makes them look worse because they are bullying people just for wearing white.”


I mean, it is the 21st century, so don’t people think that it’s time to let people dress the way they want and not have to follow all of the useless social norms? It is not like someone is walking around trying to wear flip flops in the middle of a blizzard (which is fine if you don’t mind frostbite). But how can you expect others to not to judge you if you’re simply judging others about a color they wear?


So if you see someone wearing white anytime after Labor Day, know that it is ok.