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Nail art permits creative expression

Brooke Dembin '22, Business Manager September 30, 2020

There are various ways to express oneself, but what if you’re not a fashionista or athlete? What if you don’t have a hobby that makes you stand out from the crowd? How are you supposed to make...

Graphic by: Lia Chen '20

Individual Halloween costumes allow for less stress,drama

Amanda Rowan '22, Staff Writer October 30, 2019

 With Halloween quickly approaching, the list is endless in deciding what costumes you’ll choose for this special day, and it is popular for individuals to coordinate their Halloween costume with a...

Wearing white after labor day… It’s ok!

Wearing white after labor day… It’s ok!

Emma Greenberg, staff writer September 17, 2015

I am sick and tired of hearing over and over again from everyone in the world that it is unacceptable to wear white after Labor Day.   Newsflash: It really is fine.   I ask myself...

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