Individual Halloween costumes allow for less stress,drama


Graphic by: Lia Chen ’20

Amanda Rowan '22, Staff Writer

 With Halloween quickly approaching, the list is endless in deciding what costumes you’ll choose for this special day, and it is popular for individuals to coordinate their Halloween costume with a group of friends.

I have enjoyed the experience of costume coordinations for Halloweens past. Ever since the fourth grade, my best friend and I have dressed up together. But then it got complicated.

Each year we dressed up with a larger, and larger group of people, and with more people, comes more differences in opinions.

Not everyone will be satisfied with the final costume decision, as there are many opposing viewpoints within a large group of people. So, unfortunately, I came to realize that the only solution to limiting the drama and stress over Halloween costumes was to dress up alone. 

I got tired of losing the battle in deciding our costume. My first choice, which I have a very hard time giving up, is not always the favorite vote for the group. 

This year, as my friends and I were deciding what to be, I had my heart set on Little Red Riding Hood. Once I saw the pictures, I instantly fell in love, but almost everyone had been set on their own opinions and wouldn’t compromise for the sake of the group. 

After countless hours contemplating how to let go of my hopes for this costume, I found a perfect solution: to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood by myself. 

 Many people fear doing a costume alone because it will make them look like they didn’t have anyone to do it with, but that speculation is false. 

By doing a costume alone, you can not only express yourself, but also show your individuality and listen to your true self. This limits drama, effort and stress friends can experience during this time. 

For those of you feeling the stress of Halloween,  focus on making the holiday fun and inclusive for everyone choosing to dress up. Allow others to individually express themselves, by dressing up alone, and don’t be fearful of straying away from the group.