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A popular costume this year is clowns where girls tend to where vibrant face makeup and attire ranges from ruched skirts to tight corsets.

Halloween heightens stress for teens, especially girls

Emily Goldstein ’23, Public Relations Director October 31, 2022

I will always remember my childhood Halloweens filled with trick or treating, oversized onesie costumes and of course, buckets of candy. No one cared what they looked like and the biggest concern was how...

Netflix’s “The Monster: Dahmer” successfully entertains, but falls short in terms of morality and its focus upon the victims’ stories.

‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ shamefully dramatizes trauma for entertainment

Elle Vail '23, Staff Writer October 31, 2022

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been all over social media lately: TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram –you name the platform; he’s received publicity for it. As Halloween nears, I hear more and more talk...

Released to Netflix on Oct 5, 2022, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone leaves viewers unfrightened despite being labeled as a horror movie.

Netflix’s ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’ fails to fit the horror genre

Margot Richlin ’23, Audience Engagement Manager October 31, 2022

Fall is undoubtedly the best time of year. The cool autumn breeze, the spooky music, the decorations and the general spirit make the month of October beyond comparison. But the one aspect of the spooky...

Costumes on the internet display tight, short and revealing costumes, which can have a negative impact on the way teenage girls and women view themselves.

Halloween impacts girls’ body image

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor October 30, 2022

Horror movies, creating jack-o-lanterns, eating candy and going trick-or-treating are just a few aspects associated with Halloween. But as you get older this all becomes childish, right?  Although...

Deciding between a costume to fit the vibe is always a struggle. Wanting to fit and not be judged but, still try to feel confident and stay true to yourself. Halloween highlights the psychological need to fit in and the stress that comes with it.

The stress of Halloween costumes

Ava Coyle ’25, Paper Opinions Editor October 20, 2022

With Halloween coming up in only a few weeks, picking the right costume is on everyone’s mind. Finding a costume you can feel comfortable and confident in, but also fits with everyone else’s costume...

Social media platforms, like TikTok and Pinterest, promote creative and unique costume ideas for Halloween.

Social media produces original Halloween costume ideas

Paige Tighe ’24, Paper Features Editor October 17, 2022

It is officially the season of pumpkin spice lattes, scary movies and uggs, meaning Halloween is just around the corner.  The pressure of finding the perfect costume is on, and Spirit Halloween props...

A house beckons the arrival of trick-or-treaters with extensive decorations.

Sports conflicts on Halloween unhealthy for kids

Tristan Gonzalez ’24, Staff Writer October 7, 2022

A multitude of smiles fill the neighborhood on this spectacular fall night. A mix of skeletons, NBA players, lions, nurses, you name it, all swarm houses constantly echoing the words, “trick or treat!”...

With Halloween right around the corner, reviews on the most essential horror movies are in to perfect a night of jumpscares, candy and popcorn. 

Graphic contributed by

Four to Watch for Fright Night

Elle Vail '23 , Staff Writer October 1, 2022

Halloween is what some may call the most exciting time of the year: jack o'lanterns, crazy costumes and candy are key features for this favorite of holidays. But if you’re a horror buff like me, it is...

Stew Leonard’s annual Harvest & Halloween drive-through is in full action. There’s no better way to welcome the fall season than to take a COVID friendly drive down memory lane.

Students embrace fall festivities to fully encapsulate seasonal spirit

Margot Richlin ’23, Web Opinions Editor October 11, 2021

Throughout the craziness of the past two years, fall activities have been brushed aside and forgotten about. But this year, Staples students are ready to return to the beloved spooky season and celebrate...

Cultural Appropriation is an issue for all ages and creates an uncomfortable situation for minorities when Halloween costumes that abuse stereotypes are worn in public settings.

Cultural appropriation takes center stage this Halloween amid racial uprising

Madeleine Tansley '23, Staff Writer November 10, 2020

Having been a week since Halloween, the issue of cultural appropriation is still extremely relevant and more widespread than at any other time of year. The racial uprising demonstrated through the many...

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