Westport stores update shopping protocols in compliance with COVID-19 regulations


Finnegan Courtney '20

Starbucks, one of the most popular places to go to in Westport, now requires all staff and customers to wear masks.

Finnegan Courtney '22

Multiple Westport storefronts have announced new regulations in compliance with social distancing guidelines in an attempt to stop the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.
“I think it’s what we need to do to stop the spread of this virus and keep our community safe,” Nicole Neil, a Westport parent said.
Trader Joe’s grocery store announced on April 14 via a sign on their main entrance that they would close their doors temporarily to disinfect the store after a crew member tested positive for the virus.
“We would like to notify customers of this store,” the sign said, “we are temporarily closing the store for precautionary cleaning and sanitizing because a crew member has tested positive for [COVID-19].” The store reopened on April 15.
Stop and Shop has also created new regulations, including strongly recommending customers to wear a face covering and creating a time from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM for customers ages 60 and over to shop without the presence of others.
Whole Foods is also allowing customers 60 and over to shop an hour before the store normally opens, and Fresh Market is requiring that all employees and customers wear a face covering.
“I think it’s good to do as much as we can in the ways of guidelines, [such as] encouraging masks, staying 6 feet apart, limiting the number of people coming into the supermarkets at one time, etc,” Emma Nordberg ’22 said. “I think it’s good to do as much as we can in this crazy time; even a homemade mask is better than nothing.”