SoNo Bakery to fill the void of Java


While the Holiday season was in full swing, Java, a favorite downtown coffee shop, announced that they were closing on December 31. As 2014 came to a close, so did Java. Rumors began to  swirl that they would be replaced with SoNo Bakery.

Java was more than just a coffee shop to students. It was known for its “cool atmosphere,” as called by Charlie Krawic ’16, its “friendly vibe,” according to Emma Finn ’16. Recognized by its bright orange awning outside and floor to ceiling doors that would open in warm weather, Java always offered an inviting setting for students.

Java offered a wide selection of food, from specialty drinks to muffins to sandwiches. Their specialty drink was their “bowl of soul” which was a creamy mocha (yes actually served in a bowl) but their Mexican Hot Chocolate was also a favorite.

Java’s scones cookies and muffins were all baked from scratch and offered a wide range of flavors from the traditional blueberry to bacon cheddar chive scones. In addition they baked paleo and gluten free treats.

While the menu had a long list of twisted takes on original foods, the vibe was what attracted students the most.

“The food was good, but you wouldn’t go there to have a meal,” Minahil Salam ’15, who went to Java every Sunday to study, said. “It was nice to get a coffee and a muffin and do work there.”

Not only was the atmosphere relaxing, the people working at Java played into the laid back feel.

“The manager, Brianna, was amazing and everyone’s best friend,” Finn, whose sister worked at Java, said. “She was so friendly every time I went there and would always give me free food.”

According to Hannah Mazzella, front of the house supervisor at SoNo Bakery, they are planning on opening at the start of the week of March 16. Similar to Java, they will focus on serving coffee, breakfast, brunch and lunch while having a wide selection of morning baked goods.

“Our goal is to expand SoNo and keep everyone happy,” Mazzella said.

Although, some students are still skeptical of how it is going to compare.

“I heard SoNo Bakery is really good,” Salam said, “but I feel like it’s not gonna have the same effect as Java.”