Girls’ soccer reflects on FCIAC loss, channels motivation into State competition


Photo contributed by Annabel Edwards ’25

The girls’ soccer team celebrates after a regular season win during their pinkout for breast cancer awareness game.

The girls’ soccer team never fails to put up a strong fight. Going almost undefeated in their regular season, they ended with a record of 10 wins, one loss and four ties. In FCIACS, the team made it to the championship just falling short to rival St. Joseph’s High School. 

Captains Samantha Dewitt ’23 – committed to Colby College – and Charlotte Franklin ’23 – committed to Wesleyan University – use their accomplishments and defeats from this season as incentive for their upcoming CIAC (state) tournament. 

“I think we have the skill and level to win the whole thing this year and I could not be more excited,” Dewitt said.

The 2022 FCIAC championship against St. Joes ended with a final score of 3-1, favoring the Cadets. This loss has created a drive for the Wreckers heading into CIACs. 

“Although we had a tough loss last week against St. Joes,” Franklin said, “we are ready and confident coming into States that we will produce some positive results.” 

The Wreckers have a strong, talented team. Not only are the girls individually skilled, but their teamwork and connection has been what really pushes them to a higher level. 

We have shown all season a real desire to compete at the top, so we will take States one game at a time and push to have as much success as possible.

— head coach, Barry Beattie.

“I feel we have really bonded on and off the field,” Franklin said. “You can see it by the way we are able to connect passes and rely on each other during the game.”

This year’s team has been especially incredible for head coach Barry Beattie to work with.

“We have 13 seniors, which is our biggest ever senior class in 10 years,” Beattie said, “so I have a close relationship with the team because of how long I’ve worked with all of them.” 

With their first round of CIACs coming up this week, the team is now practicing to prepare for whatever competitor they may face, especially St. Joes. 

“For states, we’re preparing like we always have,” Annabel Edwards ’25 said, “but after a tough loss in the FCIAC final, we’re more ready than ever to get back to playing.” 

With all this preparation and the strong efforts displayed by all the girls, Beattie holds high, but realistic expectations for his team as they put up their last strong fight in the State competition. 

“We have shown all season a real desire to compete at the top,” Beattie said, “so we will take States one game at a time and push to have as much success as possible.”