Internship program allows students to flourish in real world experiences


Photo by Kate Smith '22

Kate Smith ’22, in her internship, helps prepare for the Memorial Day Westport Fine Arts Fair. This opportunity allowed her to get real world experience with business negotiations and event planning.

After weeks of internships, seniors are starting to get comfortable in their new working lifestyle. The last school traditional school day for seniors was on Friday, May 13, and their internships began May 16. This program allows students to have real world opportunities to learn about topics that they are interested in beyond the confines of classroom walls.

Students are partaking in a variety of internships, from elementary schools to yoga studios. Despite that, almost every student is involved in a program that encompasses who they are and what they enjoy doing. 

Viola Geisman ’22 is interning in a fifth grade classroom at Coleytown Elementary School. She was inspired to pursue this opportunity because of her experience with an intern years ago. 

“I actually decided to do this internship eight years ago in fifth grade when I met my elementary school intern,” Geisman said. “She made school so fun so I wanted to do the same for the kids currently at Coleytown.” 

Additionally, the internship program allows for seniors to dip their toes into the working world and begin to understand what they may want to pursue in life. 

I really enjoy the freedom of doing a remote internship because I can do my work whenever I want.

— Matt Jordan ’22

“This internship definitely offers a good perspective into the real world,” Geisman said. “For me, I am able to really see what it’s like to work in an education environment and learn how to work with kids of all ability ranges. I can for sure see myself as a teacher after participating in this internship.”

Other students used this experience as a way to try something new and step out of their comfort zone. 

Kate Smith ’22 interned at the Westport Downtown Association, helping run and organize the Westport Fine Arts Festival that happened over Memorial Day weekend.

“I chose this internship because it was something new for me,” Smith said. “I work with kids a lot so I wanted to stray away from working in something like schools.”

Although Smith joined an internship that differed from her usual extracurriculars, she found value within the experience. 

“This internship allowed me to see how events are run and organized,” Smith said. “Additionally, it taught me how to work and interact with local business owners.”

Remote internships were also an option. Providing this alternative allowed students to work with any company regardless of the location. 

“I really enjoy the freedom of doing a remote internship because I can do my work whenever I want,” Matt Jordan ’22, who is working with the clinical trials company Medidata, said. 

The seniors will finish their internships shortly before their graduation on June 16.  

“Overall,” Smith said, “I think having the opportunity to go on internships allows seniors to learn about real life experiences in a much more effective way than sitting in a classroom.”