End of AP classes leaves students relieved, allows for fun learning experiences


Photo by Kiswa Khan ’23

AP Chemistry classes watch “Indiana Jones” since the completion of the AP college board administered test on May 2.

One of a high school student’s primary enemies is usually the AP classes they choose to take. Throughout the year, students are bombarded with homework, class readings, test dates, etc. With the conclusion of AP exams, the pressure of AP classes has been replaced by more recreational activities and educational projects. 

“At the beginning of the year, there was a huge work overload and teachers always emphasized that you are in a college level course and need to keep up with the work,” Emma Madoff ’23, who takes AP Biology and AP English Language, said.

As classes wind down, many note the positives of a smaller workload. 

“Everything now is just significantly easier and there’s more of a balance thanks to the reduced workload,” Maddie Bell ’23 said. 

AP classes are becoming fun-filled and energetic, a stark contrast to the experience at the beginning of the year. 

There was so much pressure that just does not exist anymore. This is like a breath of fresh air.

— Maddie Bell ’23

“There was so much pressure that just does not exist anymore. This is like a breath of fresh air,” Bell said.  

For the first week after AP tests, students have been enjoying movies in class. According to Bell and Madoff, AP Bio classes are watching “Finding Dory,” AP Chemistry classes are watching “Indiana Jones” and AP Government classes have just started ​​the “The Trial of Chicago 7.

Many of the AP science classes have begun conducting various experiments and projects related to the class. For example, the AP Environmental science classes have started making solar ovens with pizza boxes.

“We watched a documentary and are now doing this lab which is really cool,” Anya Pulichino ’23 said. “We are trying to see how hot we can get [the oven] to be, with the ultimate goal being s’more [making].” 

Teachers are creating an enjoyable environment to make up for the stressful weeks of studying throughout the year, while also ensuring that learning is still occurring. 

Students are also now looking forward to going to their AP classes because of the new class material. 

“This is a fun way to learn,” Pulichino said, “as opposed to how we’ve been learning this year.”