Remarkable Theatre aims to build strong community, continues this summer


As the vaccine rollout quickens its pace, many people are eager to participate in the activities around Westport that were not offered during the pandemic. However, other businesses born in the pandemic, such as the Remarkable Theater, have remained fully functional and continue to thrive. 

The Remarkable Theater hopes to build a sense of community between volunteers and the larger Westport area. Those who work and volunteer at the Remarkable Theater believe that the diversity among staff and volunteers is even more relevant now. 

The name “Remarkable” pays a tribute to the abilities of the Remarkable workforce, many of whom are part of the disability community. The Remarkable Theater advocates for positivity and integration of people from all different backgrounds, for the betterment of Westport. 

“I’ve made so many police buddies that I know from the police station,” employee Dylan Curran ’20 said. “The volunteers here are friends from high school and college […] which is so much fun to have because we invite whoever wants to come and sign up.”

Many also believe that the presence of law enforcement at the entrance of the theater helps strengthen the relationship between the police and citizens. 

“I’ve been working with Remarkable Theatre for the last two seasons, and it’s great to meet all the volunteers […] it’s definitely strengthened our relationship with the community,” Police Officer Lauria said. 

The Remarkable Theatre hopes to integrate the Westport community into their organization even further by getting volunteer groups such as SLOBS, Girl Scouts of Connecticut and NCL involved this summer and in the future. 

While the drive-in theme was the most convenient during the height of the pandemic, with more people fully vaccinated, citizens appear to be more comfortable around one another. Viewers have adapted to sitting in lawn chairs and on picnic blankets rather than watching from inside their cars with the windows shut. 

Safety at the Remarkable Theater is still prioritized despite the relaxation in mask mandates. 

“Last year we had COVID stations with hand sanitizer,” Volunteer Finn Converse ’23 said, “but we just try and keep everyone separated and sometimes some of the volunteers like me walk around and make sure everyone is in their area. So far we haven’t had any confirmed cases.” 

Many of the volunteers and attendees are hopeful for the future of the Remarkable Theatre, as their end goal is to raise enough money to open a non-profit movie theatre that will employ people with disabilities.

“As long as it can continue in its current form,” Volunteer Jeff Mitchell said, “I think it will metamorphosize into a lot of different things.”