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Staples High School marches in the Memorial Day parade in 1971.

Staples band prepares for Memorial Day parade after long wait

Theresea Vandis '22, Business Manager May 11, 2022

  The Westport Memorial Day parade is a tradition which honors military personnel who have served in the United States armed forces. This year, the Staples Band plans to maintain a practice, many...

Wordle was released in Oct. 2021 and recently purchased by the New York Times. Once a day, players get six chances to guess a five-letter word.

Wordle: The game leading to oblivion  

Theresa Vandis ’22, Assistant Business Director March 14, 2022

Silly Bandz in first grade, Rubix cubes in fifth, slime, Fortnight, cupcake 2048 -- the list of games throughout my childhood is endless, but they all have one thing in common: widespread attraction. As...

Videos like the one above are featured on TikTok and in Instagram reels. They portray a certain beauty standard to the young girls and boys across the world, resulting in negative body image issues to form.

Social media perpetuates negative body standards, impacts young girls

Theresa Vandis ’22, Assistant Business Director January 6, 2022

I open my Tik Tok app to a bright eyed 17-year-old girl smearing a glossy pink tube across her lips and running a blow-dry brush through her wet curly head of hair explaining how to get the perfect beachy...

Chick-fil-A’s controversy varies in student impact

Theresa Vandis ’22 , Assistant Business Director October 28, 2021

Senior girls get notifications on their cell phones every time someone uploads a picture. This Facebook group has been used for purchasing senior girls’ shirts, posting homecoming dresses, giving updates and more.

Homecoming dress posts bring toxicity to senior girls

Theresa Vandis ’22, Assistant Business Director October 9, 2021

I didn’t truly comprehend the hyper obsession that our generation holds in knowing everything about everyone until September of my senior year. As a senior I have made it through a global pandemic, online...

With the seniors gone, the back two rows of AP Economics class are left empty, as all students in the class have moved towards the front to better participate.

Seniors’ absence leave Staples in shambles

Theresa Vandis, Staff Writer June 11, 2021

Every spring, the senior class is offered an amazing opportunity to go out of school early to participate in internships of their choosing before heading off to college in the fall. Sure this sounds like...

Remarkable Theatre aims to build strong community, continues this summer

Theresa Vandis '22, Business Director May 17, 2021

  As the vaccine rollout quickens its pace, many people are eager to participate in the activities around Westport that were not offered during the pandemic. However, other businesses born...

Due to the safety precautions surrounding COVID 19, the 63rd Grammys was available for live streaming on, for all at home viewers to enjoy.

Students decide whether the Grammys are critically acclaimed, or in need of critical reform

Theresa Vandis ’22, Assistant Business Director March 24, 2021

The 63rd Grammy awards, like the rest of the world, went through many changes this year. A semi-virtual event run by a new executive producer in the past forty years, and a new host: Trever Noah. The Grammy...

“Fixer Upper: Welcome Home” is available on Discovery Plus, and there have been five episodes released thus far.

Chip and Jo are welcomed home with their new series

Theresa Vandis ’22, Assistant Business Director March 2, 2021

It was a dreary day in April when I sat down to watch the final episode of “Fixer Upper” with my family. I wondered if I would ever witness another Magnolia tree be planted in the yard of a newly renovated...

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