COVID-19 influences consumers to shop locally, boycott Amazon

COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of this year and small businesses have especially felt this shift. Due to the convenience and reliability of large corporations such as Amazon, these smaller businesses have been struggling. In the midst of a pandemic, with over 14.4 million total COVID-19 cases in the United States, many people have resorted to online shopping in an effort to protect themselves. 

Many Staples students have risen to the occasion and have begun to shop and promote local businesses. While avoiding malls and large shopping centers, students have adapted to shopping from online stores on platforms such as Instagram and Etsy. Others have even started their own businesses in an attempt to learn more about their respective interests. 

“I started my business during quarantine because I was bored and thought that would be a fun way to spend my time,” Skylar Newman ’23, owner of Clear Sky jewelry shop, said. “I think it’s very important to shop small businesses because large corporations often use cheap labor and other unethical tactics to sell their products, while all my jewelry is handmade by me.”

Amazon makes over $2 billion a year due to its highly appealing shipping options and timeliness. Their methods, however, tend to be unethical and extremely unfair to their employees according to the New York Times

Small businesses do not make nearly as much money as larger corporations and many business owners depend on their business to support them and their entire families. 

“My business and many other small businesses donate a portion of their proceeds to charity so when you’re buying, you’re buying something and also contributing to a good cause,” Newman said. 

There are many small businesses in Connecticut that are popular among Staples students.

“Groove, which is located in Westport and New Canaan, is probably the main small business I shop at,” Karlie Saed ’23 said. “I also occasionally shop at She La La and Manna Toast which is a restaurant I eat at often.”

With Covid-19 putting a major strain on the world, many believe in the importance of supporting local businesses. 

“We should support small businesses because they help build the community as a whole,

— Madison Lebowitz ’22 said.

“We should support small businesses because they help build the community as a whole,” Madison Lebowitz ’22 said. “We should stop shopping from Amazon because it takes away from small businesses which are very important to keep around. Lots of people shop on Amazon so it’s okay if a few people stop and go to support local businesses.”