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Candlelight Concert joyfully kicks off holiday season

Orphenians sing during the Candlelight Concert

Cadence Neenan, News Editor

December 15, 2013

A few items are essential for the holiday season. The crisp peppermint of candy canes, the spicy scent of a Balsam fir in your living room, and most importantly, the sounds and sights of Staples’ annual Candlelight Concert. And within Candlelight, there are a few essentials as well. For starters, you...

The countdown to Christmas starts early

The countdown to Christmas starts early

Emma Lederer, Staff Writer

December 4, 2013

As soon as the festivities of Thanksgiving come to a close, the Christmas season officially begins. People run out to buy trees, put up their wreaths, and stock up on bottles of eggnog. While Christmas is super exciting, and the spirit of it is undeniably contagious, when is it too early to begin cel...

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