Earth Animal successfully opens in new location on Post Road


The new Earth Animal on Post Road opened on Oct. 6, exciting many shoppers dependent on their environmentally friendly options. This new location is easily accessible for many customers, and a bigger space. Photo by Abbie Goldstein ’22.

The opening of Earth Animal on Oct. 6 has brought a variety of pet-lovers to its new home on Post Road. 

Earth Animal has been a popular store in Westport for many years and offers access to organic and healthy animal products for pet owners. Bob and Susan Goldstein, the founders of Earth Animal, feel that pets deserve high-quality goods. The company’s goal is to make sustainable pet products while considering their environmental impact as well as spreading energy and love. 

Earth animal recently moved to 925 Post Road East, because it offered many advancements for the company. 

“We moved locations for the opportunity to rebrand and have an updated space because we were in the old location for 25 years,” Lindsay Lancaster, an employee at Earth Animal, said. “This location has easier access and parking, and it’s just our own space.”

All of the customers have been enjoying the friendly design of the space. 

“I love it, so far. It looks beautiful,” Jennifer Marino, a customer at Earth Animal, said.  

The new store also allowed the company to create a welcoming layout for all of the shoppers. 

“It’s great. It’s a much nicer space and they have the flexibility to advertise their own products,” Kelsey Bell, a customer at the store, said.

It’s great. It’s a much nicer space and they have the flexibility to advertise their own products.

— Kelsey Bell, store customer

Besides the fact that the store looks nicer, the new location gave Earth Animal its own parking lot, which made many customers happy. 

“I’m definitely glad they have their own parking lot because before [at the other store] you were always fighting for parking,” Bell said.

Many of Earth Animal’s loyal customers followed them to their new home on Post Road, and are excited to continue shopping for their beloved pets in the store.

 “It’s a fun environment. We’re all happy to be here, it’s beautiful,” Lancaster said. “All of our customers that are coming in have big smiles on their faces and they’re really enjoying it. So, it’s definitely worth it.”