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Rescuing dogs allows shelters to spare others’ lives

Black dogs do not photograph as well as lighter dogs and are harder to advertise for. They are often the ones that are overlooked in shelters and are euthanized at a higher rate.
November 6, 2020

A positive outcome of COVID-19 forcing people to work and study from home is that it offers more time to care for a pet. Many have taken advantage of this, but I’ve been frustrated that often these pets...

Earth Animal successfully opens in new location on Post Road

The new Earth Animal on Post Road opened on Oct. 6, exciting many shoppers dependent on their environmentally friendly options. This new location is easily accessible for many customers, and a bigger space. Photo by Abbie Goldstein '22.
October 18, 2019

The opening of Earth Animal on Oct. 6 has brought a variety of pet-lovers to its new home on Post Road.  Earth Animal has been a popular store in Westport for many years and offers access to organic...

Cutest dogs of Westport

Cutest dogs of Westport
April 6, 2018

By Sasha Narang '18 and Erin Lynch '18 Cutest dogs of Westport (Episode one) from Sasha Narang on Vimeo.

Westport Dog Festival

Westport Dog Festival
June 14, 2017

By Christoph Russi '17 and Eliza Goldberg '17

Westport Police alert residents of Coyote attacks

Westport Police alert residents of Coyote attacks
May 31, 2017

In the recent months, Westport has “experienced several incidents involving coyotes” and the Westport Police Department (WPD) has provided guidelines for handling the animals.   “The coyote’s...

Unusual pets ruffle Staples’ feathers

PECKING AWAY The O’Neills make sure their chickens receive lots of care, including cleaning their coop, refilling their water and checking that they are healthy.
May 6, 2016

The day starts out for Matt Johnson ’16 much like it does for many Staples students. He wakes up, takes a shower and proceeds to finish a few menial chores before leaving the house for school. Shaking...

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