Staples students keep the Halloween spirit alive


It’s that time of the year again where corn mazes and pumpkins replace beaches and sun screen. Candy corn, ghost decorations and fake spider webs have consumed the shelves and are flying off just as quick. It’s the long awaited season of Halloween.

With Oct. 31 just around the corner, eager kids with costumes in hand anticipate the night. But, it’s not just the younger generation who are anxiously waiting for the candy-filled night. The students of Staples prepare for the holiday in various ways as well and reminiscence of their previous Halloweens.

“Halloween is never outdated for me,” Arden Scherer ’21 said. “It’s the only night of the year when I can dress up crazy and no one would think twice. I’m going to go trick-or-treating with my little brother the night of Halloween to experience that excitement again.”

Halloween is a holiday that has the effect of making everyone feel young again. When Halloween comes around, students’ memories flood back of their experiences trick-or-treating, carving a pumpkin or setting up decorations in and outside their house.

“My best Halloween experience would be every year in elementary school I would eat so much candy that I would pass out,” Morgan Freydl ’21 said. “Even though I can’t do this anymore, I still try to keep the spirit alive.”

For some high school students, they feel their Halloween traditions have been getting cut short as the years go on. As much as they want to participate in the holiday, as they grow older, they have less time to be a kid again.

“I love seeing the little kids coming to my door and taking one of every candy in the bowl,” Julia DiConza ’21 said. “I kind of relive my experiences through that.”