Cape Breton offers Americans refuge from Trump


As support for a Donald Trump presidency grows, many Americans are concerned with what their futures would be like with Trump in the White House. For anyone who is considering a move out of the country, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia may be a safe haven.

Cape Breton radio host Rob Calabrese created what he admitted was, at first, a joke website offering Americans asylum from a Trump presidency after seeing the legitimacy of Trump’s campaign.

He could have never imagined that in just three days following the website’s launch that it would receive over 50,000 inquiries from US citizens and over 800,000 worldwide views.

“Is this for real? Yes. Is this a joke? No,” Calabrese writes in the updated FAQ section of the website.

The website is no longer just for fun, and has been modified to accommodate the increased traffic and interest in the island. It also includes information regarding the immigration process, real estate listings and work visas.

The website has created some buzz in the Staples hallways, creating a divide between students, “Trump definitely has his flaws, but him getting elected definitely isn’t a reason for me to want to move to Canada,” Daniel Perez ’16 said.

However, others are especially worried about Trump becoming president. “Would I move to Canada? Absolutely. Trump is a mess,” Billy Hutchison ’17 said.

Trump skeptics, like Hutchison, are exactly the kind of people Cape Breton needs since, despite being ranked as the third best island — only behind Bali and the Galapagos —  in the world to visit by Travel and Leisure magazine, it is having a major population crisis.

“We always rank high on travel magazine lists of beautiful islands, but we are experiencing a bit of a population problem at the moment” reads the website created by Calabrese.  “We need people [and] we need you!”