Students enjoy benefits of being regulars at the sandwich line

Students enjoy benefits of being regulars at the sandwich line

Among the swarming herds of hungry students in the Staples cafeteria bustling to and fro, there is one group of students who hold their ground, waiting among the notoriously long sandwich line for the final product of a delicious lunch.

Despite the long wait, these students have discovered that returning to the sandwich line nearly every day does have its perks, including friendly conversation with the lunch ladies and an un-official membership to the sandwich-eating VIP club, where they get special treatment for their following.

Brooke Adelmann ’18 explains that the sandwich line is not only a time to contemplate what to eat for lunch, but also a time for chit chat with one of the lunch ladies, Colleen. “My relationship with Colleen took some time to grow because she had so many kids she knows,”  she said. “But after coming back consistently she now can see me standing in the line and will make my sandwich for me without me having to say anything. In the cases where I do make it to the front of the line, she will talk about the weather and the week with me.”

Andrew Warshavsky ’18 agrees that the standing in the sandwich results not only in receiving food, but also enjoying friendly chatter. “After my first time going to Colleen, I have gone to her every day since, even if the line is longer and slower. I would still wait in line because she has a great personality, very friendly, and likes to be involved with the students, not only make a sandwich,” he said. “Some specialties that Colleen has is that sometimes, if you go to her often, she will memorize your order and when she sees you, she will make it for you so you don’t have to wait in the line.”

The trend appears to continue with student Eve Korus ’17 whose familiarity with the lunch lady Amber has allowed her to gain a one-up over the other students in the sandwich line.

“Amber just knows what I want and she makes it for me when she sees me which is nice,” said Korus ’17.
Being a devotee to the sandwich line seems to have its advantages, and our chummy lunch ladies have certainly given their loyal followers a one of a kind sandwich-line experience.