Anna Violette swings to success

Anna Violette swings to success

She’s more than your typical gymnast.

Yes, she’s only two levels away from being elite, but her talents include more than just roundoffs, layouts and uprises.

Anna Violette ’14 can, and definitely has, done it all. She was the captain of the girls’ gymnastics team, a member of the 1000 point club as a junior and was named most valuable player both her freshman and senior years.

“She always tries 100 percent in competitions, and she performs better under pressure, which is key to being a successful gymnast,” Violette’s coach, Kelsey Martin said.

Violette recalls when, last year, her ability to succeed under pressure was beneficial.

“I was so nervous for my beam routine at FCIACs because I thought I was going to fall,” Violette said. “But I pulled through by staying calm and focused, and I stuck the routine.”

Somehow, she manages to balance her musical and artistic talents at the same time.

“One summer when I was twelve, my mom sent me to a music camp and I unwillingly went,” Violette said. “I fell in love with it and went back for four more years.”

Once she realized her love for music, she combined her dazzling voice with her long-time piano skills to be featured in videos on YouTube which showcased her immense musical abilities.

“After being surrounded by music all day at camp, I was able to feed off of the creativity and start to define myself not only as a musician, but as an artist,” Violette said.

And there’s more.

Violette is taking her interest in fashion design to a new level next year by majoring in Art and Design at the University of Michigan, with her end goal being to create a mens’ streetwear line.

“She is one of the most talented girls I know,” Rachel Lieberman ’14, who has worked with Violette, said.

With passion in her eyes, Violette said, “It’s all about finding your own rhythm and beat.”

Violette is the definition of an all-rounder. Even though she’s already perfected her cartwheels, concerts and sketches, there’s no stopping her.

“Dream big because, if you settle for less, then you’re never going to be able to achieve what you deserve,” Violette said.