Staples band catches the attention of millions


The Corduroys practice one of their covers in the same room their viral video was recorded in.

Whimsical rainbow lights beam around the room, creating a bold contrast against the room’s dark atmosphere. Teenage girls are scattered everywhere, each next to their respective instrument. And of course, there’s someone behind the camera. This is the setting of a viral TikTok video.  

A music video posted by Staples’ band “the Corduroys” went viral with 1.8 million likes and 6.6 million views since posting it on Nov. 27 on TikTok. The indie-rock girl band covered “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies.

“Something about the way the camera moved with the lights going and music in the background just sucked me in,” Dylan Fiore ’24 said. 

Since the posting of this video, the high school band has acquired over 50,000 followers on TikTok and over 1,000 on Instagram. 

Before going TikTok viral, the Corduroys started playing at School of Rock. They then clicked as a group and decided to officially become a band, playing covers on a consistent schedule. They’ve had one gig so far, at The Weston Historical Society’s “Scare Fair”, but are currently looking for more

The band consists of eight artists, two of which attend Staples. Ruby Siegl ’24 is the band’s key player and Jojo Treisman ’24 is the drums and percussion player. 

TikTok fame has only helped the band. Knowing that they have a larger following has acted as an incentive for the Corduroys to work together more and commit more time to practicing. 

It’s given us a bigger platform with new people reaching out for gigs and producing opportunities, music videos, and band logo designs.

— Ruby Siegl '24

And as for the future, the Corduroys are excited. “We received so much support, warm feedback, and advice which is essential if we want to grow as a band,” Treisman said.