Influencers inspire through holiday gift guides


Addison Coughlin ’25

Popular holiday wishlist items that influencers promote include ultra ugg minis, flare pants and drunk elephant skincare products. These products have become staples in the TikTok community, and worn on a daily basis. These items have been sold out recently, in light of their popularity.

If you have ever been on TikTok, it’s likely that you have seen influencers raving about their favorite new products; whether its Drunk Elephant bronzing drops, Sol De Janiero perfume or the Ultra ugg mini boots, influencers make sure to let us know what’s on their wishlist this holiday season. 

These products have become the face of the fashion trends today, and a staple in closets ranging in age. With reminders from their favorite influencer that these must-have items will change their life, teens’ holiday wish lists have been filled with items that remind them of these trends or to buy these products.

For many, having a guide on what to purchase for themselves, their friends and family is helpful. Clicking on an influencer’s Amazon Storefront or gift guide is the perfect way to brainstorm gift ideas. 

Creators have influenced the rise of these products being seen everyday. Notable influencers and recommendations include Darcy McQueency and the Dior lip oil, Matilda Djerf and the “Stockholm” style, and Maddy Chang popularizing the Amazon Backless top. 

These products promoted by influencers can become a staple in many people’s wardrobes, and used on a day to day basis. 

“One of my favorite influencers is Hannah Bucknam,” Lily Rimm ’25 said. “I saw a pair of Aerie flare pants on her holiday wishlist, and now wear them almost every day.” 

From clothing, to makeup to jewelry, influencers have persuaded their fans to purchase their holiday favorites, and add them to their wishlist for later purchasing. They are convincing, but sometimes they send the wrong message, or simply promote the same thing too often. 

I don’t mind the things that influencers recommend for the holidays, but I feel like they are always sponsored so I never know if the product is good or not.

— Zahra Avdiu ’26

Although they can be biased, the products as well as the influencer never fail to captivate their teenage audience, especially around the holiday season. 

Emma Madoff ’23 enjoys scrolling through these wishlists when in need for gift inspiration, or sometimes just for fun.

“A lot of influencers keep up with the current trends,” Madoff said, “so they give me good gift ideas for my friends and family.”