New Local to Market shop in Westport brings community together


Photo by Talia Varsano '24

Rita and Chris Marcocci, the founders of the local market, are ready for business and excited to support the community.

Local to Market is Chris and Rita Marcocci’s answer to the online shopping craze that has taken a toll on Main Street. Fittingly, Local to Market is located at 177 Main Street, the former location of the Remarkable Book Store which closed in 1994 as Amazon began its reign over global shopping.
Chris explained that the premise behind Local to Market is bringing the community closer together around a market featuring only Connecticut sourced products as well as artwork and musical entertainment from the Art Collective and Staples students.
As soon as I walked in, I was ecstatic to see the diverse selection of grocery and household items lining shelves and filling homemade baskets, all traced solely to Connecticut-based producers and farms. I immediately gravitated towards freshly baked delights that come from local bakers including Kneads and Isabelle & Vincent, farm-fresh produce from Horseshoe Farms, dairy products from Litchfield County and slow-churned ice cream from Arethusa farm.

By supporting Local to Market, I know I am not only investing in a small-owned business, but also in our community.

— Talia Varsano ’24

After walking the whole store, I realized nearly any staple you might find at a chain grocery store is waiting to be discovered at Local to Market, but it’s all sourced locally.
In addition to the produce, dog treats are plentiful, which welcomes dog owners. I couldn’t leave without a bag full of peanut butter treats for my two dogs, Molly and Lexi.
While taking a closer look, I realized there were amazing pieces of art from local artists lining the walls also for sale. As I spoke with Chris and Rita, their desire to sponsor art through the Art Collective from Staples students was palpable.
In addition to Staples art projects, both founders would also love to have Staples student musicians performing live, bringing their own talent to the outdoor patio.
My experience was nothing short of phenomenal. As soon as you walk through their door, you are greeted by an environment that makes you feel welcomed. By supporting Local to Market, I know I am not only investing in a small-owned business, but also in our community.