Organic Krush eatery spices up Westport’s food varieties

With seven other locations across the U.S., Organic Krush has opened their first Connecticut location, and is eager for customers to try out their eatery.

Photo by Amanda Rowan ’22

With seven other locations across the U.S., Organic Krush has opened their first Connecticut location, and is eager for customers to try out their eatery.

Walking into Organic Krush, the large menu captivates its viewers, presenting hundreds of different options, accommodating every allergy and food restriction possible. Their menu has a huge variety of choices, from soups to tacos to pressed juices and more. Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan, they will have something safe for you.

With their first location in Connecticut opening on Nov. 1, Organic Krush is reeling in plenty of customers.

“A lot of the stuff we do here is just naturally gluten-free,” Meredith Dresen, new store opening and training manager of Organic Krush said.  “We use tamari, which is gluten-free soy sauce, we offer gluten-free wraps [and] the only bread we serve in house is actually gluten-free bread, so it’s the automatic bread for our avocado toasts.” 

Organic Krush is known for being very good about accommodating for individuals who have restrictions and dietary needs. They have all gluten-free baked goods and work hard to assure all customers with allergies are in the clear. 

 In order to accommodate for COVID-19 protocols, every hour on the hour, the staff at Organic Krush have line drills, which is when a storewide alarm goes off, alerting the staff for the drill.  During this drill, everyone stops what they’re doing, takes off their gloves, washes their hands thoroughly and then sanitizes their stations. Despite the strangeness and unfamiliarity of having these precautions, the drills have been great for team morale.

“A guest would be really reassured by [line drills] and don’t mind waiting an extra minute or so at the register, knowing that it’s sanitized and safely been cleaned,” Dresner said. 

Organic Krush has also implemented hepa filters, which are hospital-grade filters around the store, to help keep airflow and sanitize. They conduct temperature and symptom checks to all employees upon entering, just to be safe. 

With it being the newest eatery in town, Staples students were very excited to see what Organic Krush has to offer, and went to see for themselves.

“The menu includes food for all three meals of the day, so naturally on opening day I went for both breakfast and dinner,” Gabby Lantier ’22 said. “[It’s] definitely the new go-to restaurant in Westport.”

[It’s] definitely the new go-to restaurant in Westport.

— Gabby Lantier '22

As someone who is gluten-free, and has many food allergies, Lantier has been loving Organic Krush and their food reassurance. Not only does their dedication to serving those who have food restrictions speak out, but they also have meals for any time of the day. Westporters will love the diversity in their menu, as well as the incredibly safe and healthy environment they have created. 

“Organic Krush totally exceeded my expectations,” Lantier said. “… Their food was so amazing, I just couldn’t resist.”