Justin Bieber inspires fans with his new documentary


Graphic by Molly Gold ’21

Justin Bieber, drawn by Molly Gold ’21, wearing his own clothing line, Drew House.

“Justin Bieber: Next Chapter,” released Oct. 30 to the streaming platform Youtube, reveals what pop star Justin Bieber has been doing and feeling these past few months. The 25 minute and 30 second video is a special documentary event which goes into the depths of Bieber’s life.

The documentary shows how Bieber’s life is just like the average person’s, and how he has navigated through the past year. His relationship with his wife Hailey Bieber blossomed during quarantine as they learned more about each other and fell deeper in love. 

Throughout the documentary, Bieber talked about how important it is to have healthy relationships with friends and family. He added how his marriage and friendships aren’t perfect and they fight like any other couple would. People who live under the eye of social media are sometimes misinterpreted, and Bieber wanted to make that clear for the audience. 

Bieber worked on his career during quarantine releasing “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper, and “Lonely” with Benny Blanco. These songs mean a lot to Bieber as they have strong underlying messages. The song “Holy” is meant to show hope in relationships with a significant other or god and how beautiful those can be. While the song “Lonely” shows that no matter how many supporters someone has around them, they can still feel broken, alone and misunderstood. 

People view celebrities as these perfect creatures, but they struggle with issues just like the average person. Many teenagers, celebrities included, struggle with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues. Bieber spoke out about his own struggles with mental health and suicidal thoughts and how he overcame them. Although it took time, he was proud of himself for how far he has come and the stability he feels right now. His fans and anyone struggling with mental health can listen to his story and be inspired to keep fighting. 

People view celebrities as these perfect creatures, but they struggle with issues just like the average person.

— Lucy Zuckerman ’22

In the documentary, Bieber is shown mentoring the young creator Eddie Benjamin. Bieber teaches Benjamin how to navigate the music world with the pressure it brings. Bieber wants to help anyone he can and make their lives better, even in small respects. He wants to show people the reality of life despite socioeconomic status or one’s amount of public recognition.The documentary was beautifully done with cinematic shots of photos and videos from Bieber’s personal life. 

I would recommend “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter” to people who need motivation during these tough times. The short and sweet documentary portrays messages that the world needs to hear. It is important to see that the world’s favorite singers go through the same problems that the average human does and if they can overcome it being watched by millions, we can too. I would rate this documentary a five out of five.