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Tori Kelly’s “Unbreakable Smile” tour left us with smiles

Tori Kelly’s “Unbreakable Smile” tour left us with smiles

Erin Lynch, Staff Writer

May 11, 2016

Rising pop singer, Tori Kelly, performed her new album, “Unbreakable Smile” at Beacon Theatre, on Friday, April 29th. With a pair of sparkling shoes, a guitar, and her mesmerizing voice, Kelly put on a show for the 3,000 fans who were out of their seats, dancing. Beginning at 8 PM, teenagers...

Griffin sings her way to the spotlight

Kate Griffin ’17 singing the national anthem at Staples first home game of 2015.

Ashton Dedona, Staff Writer

October 10, 2015

Football season is one of the most popular sports seasons at Staples. Friday night lights have the bleachers filled up with students and parents. But, the talent is not all in the players. No game can start without the Star Spangled Banner. The sound of this national ritual allows the riled-up crow...

Fame Review

Fame Movie Poster | Photo By

October 16, 2009

Cover via Amazon When a movie is redone, the remake should have some sort of new twist, a unique point of view, or some quality that makes it different then the show. Fame accomplishes none of these. The bright, colorful font and the hip hop-ified version of the title song in the trailer fooled me into thinking the movie would live up to its classic predecessor. ...

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