Justin Bieber’s homecoming to music begins with “I Don’t Care”


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Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran’s new song “I Don’t Care” is sure to make you get up and dance with your friends.

After almost a year of silence, Justin Bieber burst out of his music hiatus with a feature on British pop singer Ed Sheeran’s highly anticipated new single, “I Don’t Care.”

“I Don’t Care” debuted on May 10 and it instantly overtook the number one chart spots within just hours of its launch. The song is three minutes and 29 seconds long and is currently sitting at the number one spot on iTunes “Best of the Week” chart and the number two spot on the iTunes top chart.

After its initial release, “I Don’t Care” received 10.977 million streams breaking Spotify’s single-day streaming record, according to Forbes.

The song includes a bouncy rhythm and begins with Sheeran singing the first verse and Bieber singing the second. The parts are separated by the chorus. The song, being released close to summertime, provides a good energy and tempo for the single to be blasted all summer long, much like some of Bieber’s previous work.

Prior to the release of the single, both Bieber and Sheeran teased their fans on all social media platforms with snippets of the music. Both singers posted to Instagram pictures captioned with the songs release date, energizing and preparing their fans and it made the song very highly anticipated.  

What makes this song a catchy tune and an irrefusable listen for this summer is the easy-going pace of the songs chorus. They sing, “‘Cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby, yeah/ All the bad things disappear/ Yeah, you’re making me feel like maybe I am somebody.” This beat irresistibly made me want to dance along with the singers.

The song continues on to an anthem-type ending while still describing the singers immense love for their partner.

Taking into account the success of the song, the drawing beat and catchy lyrics, “I Don’t Care” should be added to your summertime playlist. After the release and achievements of “I Don’t Care,” I am almost certain that what seemed to be a lifetime of an Bieber-music intermission is now commenced.