Winter fashion ‘must haves’ this season


Animal prints, puffy jackets and loungewear, oh my. Winter fashion is back and comfier than ever this season. It is time to get ready for the cold and add this season’s trends to your holiday list.

Animal prints are in Vogue as cheetah and zebra are staples for this season’s trendy winter wardrobe.

“I definitely think animal prints are making a comeback,” Kylie Cohen ’20 said. “I have a new cheetah print sweater and I am obsessed.”

Layers, layers, layers. Bundling up with a classic puffy jacket is also a stylish way to stay warm.

“I wear my new puffy jacket from Zara everyday. I can re-wear it as much as I would like and nobody knows,” Ellie Ashman ‘19 said.

Like Ashman, many students find this trend popular as staying warm and stylish is a constant struggle in the below freezing temperatures.

I have always been a big proponent of making loungewear trendy. Pairing sweatpants with a statement leather jacket is the perfect lazy day outfit.

“I love wearing stylish sweatshirts to school because it’s the smartest way to show off your style, but stay stylish,” Casey Rubin ’19 said.

Stores, such as Revolve, have added more matching jogger and sweatshirt sets, so check them out.

With all this style advice, the cold is no excuse to stray from being fashionable. Make sure to take note on these trends on your next shopping spree.