The Meadows concludes festival season with a bang

The Meadows concludes festival season with a bang

By Bri Zeiberg ’19

As festival season comes to a close, The Meadows hosted a variety of performers ranging from Migos to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The festival took place from Sept. 15-17th in Queens, NY at Citi Field.

Friday, Sept. 15th, was one of the most popular days to attend the festival. R&B performers like 21 Savage, Jay Z and Migos performed and wowed the crowd.

“My favorite performer was definitely Jay Z because I love his music,” Kelly Griffin ’20, who attended the festival on Friday Sept. 15, said.  “Seeing him in concert brought a lot more energy to his songs which was really fun to watch with my friends.”

Festival goer Bella Siskind ’19, attended the festival all three days and raved about her Meadows experience. “I love being around people at festivals,” Siskind said. “Everyone is so happy and excited.”  

The festival also offered an assortment of different foods. Whether people were vegan, vegetarian or gluten intolerant, the festival had something to offer.

“I had the ramen burger, which was amazing, fried ice cream and mass amounts of fries,” Siskind said. “Red Bull slushee was definitely a highlight.”

Brynn Schumacher ’18 also had the ramen burger.“It was definitely worth the hype,” Schumacher said.

Concert goers found a lot of reasons to gather at the Meadows.  Whether it was the music, the food, or hanging out with friends, the concert brought people together.As Siskind put it, “We felt the music in a way that you couldn’t feel anywhere else.”