Milkcraft crafts a new way to experience ice cream


Pictured is the cereal milk ice cream with fruit cereal in a bubble cone. Photo by: Bella Mattera ’17

Milkcraft, an up and coming ice cream joint, recently opened in Fairfield, creating lines of hungry ice cream lovers out the door.

Now, I know this may just seem like another ice cream review, but I can assure you that Milkcraft is different. It’s shocking production methods combined with their one of a kind serving vessels have people screaming with excitement.

Milk Craft’s farm fresh ice cream comes in outrageously delicious flavors. With their constantly changing menu, the flavors can vary from Cereal Milk which is made using the sweet milk that cereal was soaked in to “Miss Piggy does Vermont” which is their famous maple syrup ice cream topped with bacon.

No need to fear, plain vanilla ice cream is still available. But it is only available for “crybabies” as specified on the menu. This trendy spot has definitely made a simple trip to get ice cream a true experience.

“I love their maple bacon ice cream,” Colleen Bannon ’17 said. “I would have never thought these flavors would go together, but that’s why I love this place. It is making me try something new than the average mint chocolate chip.”

As if the unique flavors aren’t enough, the ice cream is made right in front of the customers using liquid nitrogen, leaving even the most experienced ice cream lovers speechless.

“The liquid nitrogen is definitely the best part about Milkcraft, when they are making it it spills over the sides of the bowl which is so cool,” Nikki Benjamin ’17 said. “And the best part is, they make it right in front of you.”

On top of all of the different flavors and innovative techniques, Milkcraft is serving their sought after ice cream in bubblecones and creambuns, taking the ice cream game to a whole new level.

Although the names sound silly, these pastries are no joke. Bubblecones are a delicious sugar waffle with light and fluffy bubbles pultruding that are folded into the classic cone shape. Pairing ice cream and waffles is like , a combination that one would never expect, but once they experience it, they can’t imagine how it had not been thought of before.

“I am absolutely obsessed with the bubble cone,” Christine Taylor ’18 said. “The puffy cone is such a nice combination with the cold and smooth ice cream, I can’t even describe how good it is.”

Their other serving option, Creambuns, are delectable donuts covered with sweet glaze that are cut in half so once you scoop ice cream into the middle it creates a stickily delicious sandwich. These buns make eating ice cream convenient, easy and most importantly, more delicious.

Although majority of the feedback about the trendy spot is positive, there are some people that have a lot to say about the joint and everything they are doing wrong.

“I thought it was good, but it is extremely expensive considering all you get is one little scoop, Katherine Coogan ’17 said. “I don’t get the hype when you can go down the road and get a blizzard for pennies.”