A new addition to the eats on the Saugatuck River

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A new addition to the eats on the Saugatuck River

Olivia Foster, Staff Writer

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The Saugatuck area of Westport has been known for its delicious eateries from Kawa Ni to Fleischer’s to The Whelk, and now has a new addition: Parker Mansion. The American food restaurant opened on January 14th and replaced the Mansion Clam House, which had been there since 1958.

The owner of Parker Mansion, Patrick Fahy, also owns two other restaurants, Parker Eatery and Bar in Stratford and Parker Steaks and Scotch in Trumbull.

Parker Mansion has an immediate homey feel, with light blue walls and paisley wallpaper. Walking up the stairs to the restaurant feels as if you’re in someone’s home; the rustic, wooden plank tables are simply set with utensils wrapped in white cotton napkins and placed in glasses at each seat. The restaurant has a bar on the lower floor, but the upstairs seating is definitely kid friendly, and the outdoor patio that overlooks the Saugatuck River is sure to be a hit as the weather gets warmer.

In regards to the food, the restaurant has a little something for everybody. Unlike traditional restaurants that serve bread and butter, Parker Mansion began the meal with lightly toasted bread served with hummus and olive oil.

The menu begins with a list of soups, ranging from, beef barley, potato and cheddar, to chili and french onion, that change daily. The seafood bisque was also very good, comparable to a creamy clam chowder but with more vegetables.

Moving on to starters, the waiter pointed out that the chimichurri steak nachos, lamb lollipops, and tuna tartare with avocado were the customer favorites. Our waiter was correct regarding the tuna tartare. The tuna was extremely fresh and clean, and the guacamole added a delicious flavor and a nice plating contrast, with the red of the tuna sitting atop the green guacamole. The dish was also served with nicely toasted pita style chips.

The entrees range from salads to meats, pasta, and burgers. The salads all seemed appetizing but most exciting, was the Mix ‘N’ Match Salad. On the table was a plentiful checklist of all the items you could include in the salad of your choice. They even had an option for dressing mixed in or on the side. Other salads included a seared tuna, duck, roasted chicken, or filet mignon salad.

The next dishes on the menu, were the daily features, which mainly included pastas, meats and fish, such as bbq pork ribs, duck breast, grilled cajun salmon, short ribs, prime rib, and bone-in filet mignon. The duck breast, served over mushroom risotto and blackberry pan sauce was delicious. A daring choice to serve at a relatively new restaurant, but they pulled it off. The duck was cooked medium rare with the right amount of searing on both sides. The mushroom risotto added a nice comfort food feel and the blackberry sauce offered a delicate touch of sweetener.

If you are looking for a slightly healthier option, the edamame veggie burger is good; however, the burger itself was slightly mushy. The burgers all looked appetizing and you absolutely have to order the sweet (potato) fries. The fries are cooked to crispy perfection with just enough salt and very little grease.

The carrot cake is a must have, the buttercream frosting was not overly sweet and the coconut flakes added a nice crunch on top. Inside the cake was moist and the added walnuts provided a satisfying crunch. Other desserts included key lime pie, banana cream pie, sea salted chocolate chip cookies, and an interesting peanut butter pie with chocolate ganache and oreo crust.

The food, specifically the entrees, were a touch expensive, however the kind, positive and energetic wait staff, who were willing to answer any questions, made up for the slightly pricy food. Overall, the food was good and the nice variety of dishes as well as the cozy atmosphere is sure to make it a great spot for the entire family.

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