Bodega takes a fresh new spin on Mexican classics


Shown above is a spicy arugula salad surrounded by a charred octopus, which is just one of the many tasty specials Bodega offers.

Situated under an unimposing striped awning and faint letters across the word spelling out Bodega, Bodega Taco Bar is a hidden gem wedged between a pottery shop and quiet storefront in downtown Fairfield.

Walking in the door, the lights were dimmed yet the the ambience warmly welcomed its diners in with brightly hung flags, eclectic bottles on the bar, and glowing candles on the table.

Sprawled in colorful writing against a chalkboard hanging by the bar hung the list of specials ranging from a charred octopus arugula salad to a roasted s’mores dip topped with graham crackers.

To start off an adventure for one’s tastebuds, the waiter brought a Garlic-Chili Infused Crab Guacamole with a brown bag filled with crunchy homemade tortilla chips. The sweet crab paired with the spicy chili and acidity from the lime in the guacamole to create heaven on earth in just one bite.

But, the main act for Bodega Taco Bar though is of course, the tacos.

Tacos are offered in three different varieties: classic tortilla tacos, “Lady Tata’s” which replace the tortilla with butter lettuce and tacos on a salad.

Some of their best include the “Calexico” which is a fried avocado on top of a bed of lettuce and refried black beans topped off with cotija cheese. The smooth avocado with a crunchy coating paired with the savory black beans combined to make a new and refreshing taste.

A few other fan favorite tacos include the a seared tuna taco with hints of ginger and crunchy carrots along with the “Cochinita Pibil” which showcases its slow roasted roasted pulled pork which is complimented by a side of pickled red onion and cilantro.

Bodega leaves the customer wanting more. People walk in expecting your classic Mexican coated in cheese and drowning in grease that makes our stomachs churn for hours after.

Bodega couldn’t be more different. It combines fresh ingredients with classic Mexican recipes to create a new and innovative Mexican that keeps Bodega’s little store front bustling.

Their fresh twist on an old classic keeps the customers coming back to 1700 Post Road East in Fairfield, CT, at least I know I will.