Many places around Westport provide alternative locations to complete schoolwork

Situated in the same plaza as Angelinas Pizza, Barnes and Nobles is an ideal location for students at Staples to complete their homework and study.

Situated in the same plaza as Angelinas Pizza, Barnes and Nobles is an ideal location for students at Staples to complete their homework and study.

Imagine this: you are sitting down at your desk or wherever you do homework, furiously trying to rip out your hair because you just can’t take school anymore. Now, take a moment to pause and breathe. What you need is a change.

Here in Westport there are three ideal places for students to relax and socialize as well as to study and finish homework. Barnes and Nobles, Toquet Hall and Starbucks Coffee are all viable options that Staples students can utilize to get a change of scenery while they complete school work.

Conveniently located in the same plaza as Angelina’s Pizza, while sharing the same building as Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles is a perfect place for students to grab a quick bite and then head straight to the books for some work.

“I love going to Barnes and Nobles to get my homework done because it’s right by my house, and I sometimes need to get away from my house,” Ben Popkin ’16 said.

Nestled in the corner of the store, isolated from the commotion of the customers walking in and out are a series of short circular tables surrounded by outlets for computers and other electronics. This setup is ideal for any student trying to carry out school work in a new environment.

Surrounded by thousands upon thousands of books, there are resources for nearly every topic on the planet. Also, Barnes and Nobles has a staff who are specialized in finding books that are applicable to your topic of choice.

Annie Gao ’16 is a huge proponent of utilizing the resources at Barnes and Nobles before midterms and finals.

“I love going to Barnes and Nobles before big tests because they have a ton of resources and books that I can use,” Gao ’16 said.

Typically, students love to go to Toquet Hall to socialize or watch live performances. However, many would be surprised to find out that Toquet Hall is actually a splendid place to do homework and study.

Set up with many couches and tables, many students find the environment to be extremely comfortable and at an ease to get work done.

Connor Teran ’17 loves to swing by Toquet Hall while he works on projects with his peers, or simply to complete his homework alone.

“Toquet Hall is perfectly set up because it has tables and couches so I can lounge around and do work,” Teran said. “It is incredibly under the radar, which makes it that much better.”

Another feasible location for students to study and get homework done is Starbucks Coffee located at 1 Parker Harding Plaza.

Starbucks is ideal because it allows students the ability to sit at a round table, where they can get their school work done, as well as having a plethora of delicious drinks at your fingertips.

“I love studying at Starbucks because I can purchase a delicious drink while studying at the same time,” Daisy Laska ’16 said.

Now, while you throw a tantrum about how much homework you have and how difficult the school year has been, take a moment to relax and think about all the great locations we have around Westport for students to get their school work done.

Try one out, you never know, it may be better than doing your schoolwork at home.